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The Ridge: A Hub of Community Support and Connection

In the heart of the vibrant Corona community lies Peppermint Ridge, a beacon of compassion and inclusivity. As we invite you to explore the manifold opportunities within our campus, consider this your official invitation to immerse yourself in the Peppermint Ridge experience.

Discover Peppermint Ridge: A Personal Tour Beckons

Embark on an insightful journey through the corridors of Peppermint Ridge with a personalized tour of our state-of-the-art facilities. Witness firsthand the positive impact of our programs and connect with the diverse individuals who form the backbone of our thriving community.

Residence at Peppermint Ridge: Your Home Awaits

For those qualifying through the Inland Regional Center (IRC) and in search of a supportive living environment, Peppermint Ridge beckons you home. Our commitment to providing a secure, nurturing space for residents remains unwavering. Apply now to become an integral part of our dynamic community.

Support Our Cause: Rallying Donors, Supporters, and Volunteers

Join the movement of positive change by contributing to the Peppermint Ridge cause. Whether through financial donations, volunteering your time, or leveraging your unique skills, your involvement plays a crucial role in enhancing the lives of those within our community. Explore volunteering opportunities at and make a donation at A Welcoming Space for All: Embracing Individuals with IDD

Peppermint Ridge opens its doors to individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD), providing a supportive and understanding environment. Whether seeking guidance, support, or a caring community, Peppermint Ridge stands as a haven for all.

A Legacy of Care and Community: Celebrating Decades of Impact

For decades, Peppermint Ridge has epitomized resilience, care, and community. Our enduring commitment to fostering inclusivity, offering quality living options, and supporting individuals with IDD remains steadfast. Join us in celebrating this legacy and become a part of our collective journey toward a future filled with compassion and hope.

As we unfold the chapters of community support and connection, Peppermint Ridge emerges as a dynamic space where lives are enriched, and connections are forged.

Navigate the realms of our offerings – from tours to residence applications, supporting our cause, and finding understanding within the Peppermint Ridge family.

In the spirit of community and connection, welcome to the unfolding narrative of Peppermint Ridge.

Peppermint Ridge Community Hub - Where Compassion Meets Connection.

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