The following activities are offered to individuals based on their interest.

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Therapeutic Riding

Residents have the opportunity to attend sessions at “No Drama Ranch” in Norco. Ridgers receive personal instruction from the owner, who has more than 30 years of experience working with people who have mental and physical disabilities. Therapeutic riding improves balance, core strength, and the ability to focus both on and off the horse.



Peppermint Ridge has an in ground pool on the main campus where residents can enjoy cooling off on a hot day. During the summer months, residents participate in classes to improve flexibility, strength and swimming techniques. All classes are monitored by staff who have obtained a water safety certificate.


Musical Expression

Ridgers enjoy expressing themselves through drumming and song. Hand/eye coordination, team work, and keeping a beat are focused upon. Ridge “Rejoicers” perform at churches and other community events throughout the year.

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Monthly Birthday Parties

With the help of dedicated volunteers, residents who are celebrating a birthday receive a special gift at a party that includes all the Ridgers. Bingo, dancing and snacks make the event lively for all.

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Cooking Lessons

Residents learn simple ways to make their favorite foods. This class teaches cooking skills, table manners and how to tidy up a kitchen after use.


Yoga & Fitness Classes

Strength training, aerobics and yoga have all been integrated into classes to benefit the Ridgers. These classes promote strength, balance, flexibility, relaxation and a healthy lifestyle for each resident.

John M getting ready to bowl


Residents make teams and participate in bowling leagues. This is a great way for residents to be active in the community and learn life skills while also having a blast and enjoying time with friends.


Summer Camp

Every year, a group of residents spend a week at Pilgrim Pines in Yucaipa. “Pinester’s Camp” is especially designed for those with special needs. Peppermint Ridge staff accompanies the residents and appropriate nursing staff is available as needed.


Art Classes

Painting, drawing and craft projects help residents explore their creative side and express their individual personality.

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Self-Advocacy Class

This class helps residents understand that they have the right to attain their hopes and dreams. Staff, instructors and residents work collaboratively to create a plan to meet a variety of personal goals.

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Regular Outings

Residents also participate in community outings to movie theaters, restaurants, sporting events, amusement parks, etc.

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