We Met Our Match!

Greg has lived happily at Peppermint Ridge for almost 30 years, and he and his entire family are thankful.

Greg K. and parents

“Finding Peppermint Ridge was a life-changing event for our entire family. He is so happy and well-cared for...we are blessed,” says Evie Kissell, mother of Gregory.

Greg and the other 95 residents at Peppermint Ridge enjoy great quality care and a life filled with opportunities to realize their hopes and dreams because of wonderful supporters like you.

Thank You For Your Support

Evie’s Story…

Greg was born with Downs Syndrome. It was our joy to watch him grow into a lively little boy who enjoyed riding his bike, running track, climbing trees and befriending the neighbors. He was always on the go!

But as he entered his teens, it became more challenging for him to find meaningful social interactions and to pursue his interests. He often expressed how tired he was of shopping with his sisters. It was clear that he wanted more – to enjoy his own interests and to realize more of his own hopes and dreams.

At that time, we discovered Peppermint Ridge. We were ecstatic. Greg would be close enough to easily connect, but would also enjoy enough space from us to develop the sense of independence that he so desperately wanted. Once we visited and met the loving staff, we both knew this was the perfect home for him. At 18, his adventure began at C Home and today, in his forties, he is still very happy at The Ridge.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The staff makes it possible for my son Greg to have a life we thought he might never enjoy.

Because we believe that our residents deserve more than the basic care for which the State reimburses us, we provide Ridgers with a variety of activities and opportunities to keep their minds, bodies, and spirits engaged and active. Greg, for instance, takes art classes, loves the drumming circle and enjoys cooling off in the pool during the very hot summer months.

Greg in police car

Peppermint Ridge encourages and supports the diverse interests of our Ridgers. One of Greg's dreams is to be a police officer. At The Ridge, he is known as The Sheriff and works hard to keep his fellow Ridgers happy, healthy and safe.

Right now, we are faced with some critical and time-sensitive needs.

Disaster Preparation


These are just two of the many projects and initiatives that Peppermint Ridge is undertaking in order to continue to provide the very best in care.

I’m excited to let you know that a gift right now will have double the impact!

A faithful Ridge supporter has agreed to fund our annual $100,000 match campaign. This means that every gift received from this point through December 31st will be matched dollar for dollar up to $100,000. And to the Ridge, this means $200,000 or more, through the generosity of supporters like you.

Thank you for considering a gift now to help Greg and the other Ridgers continue to lead happy, healthy and safe lives full of joy and purpose.

With greatest appreciation for you!



Danette McCarns
Executive Director

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