PR Danny1-19

Executive Director:
Danette McCarns


Executive Director's Assistant:
Greer Master

Cyndi Lapina_ QIDP - Administrator for Dudley and Del Park

Clinical Operations Manager & Admissions Coordinator:
Cyndi Lapina


Manager of Administrative Services: Annette Vigil

Kim Smalley_ Staff Development Coordinator

Staff Development Coordinator: Kim Smalley

David Cloutier _ Maintenance Assistant

Staff Trainer:
David Cloutier

Erik Siquian _HR Assistant and Payroll Clerk

Payroll Administrator / HR Coordinator: Erik Siquian

Laura Boring - Receptionist and HR Assistant

Receptionist/ HR Assistant:
Laura Boring

Lisa Gomez

HR and Accounting Clerk: Lisa Gomez

Maribel Melero - Accounting Manager

Accounting Manager:
Maribel Melero

Raquel Krueger _ Interim Accounting Manager

Accounts Receivable Clerk: Raquel Krueger

Heather Edwards _ AP Clerk

Accounts Payable Clerk:
Heather Edwards

Deborah Conte _ Medi-Cal Biller

Medi-Cal Biller:
Deborah Conte

Pam Tooth_ Training Records

Training Records:
Pam Tooth

Samantha Jimenez_ Activities and Volunteer Coordinator

Activities & Volunteer Coord.: Samantha Jimenez


Activities & Volunteer Assistant: Julian Quintero

Tracy Mauser_ Director of Development and Public Relations

Director of Development
& PR: Tracy Mauser

Maureen Staib_ Development Assistant

Development Assistant: Maureen Staib

Althea Wagoner

Comm. & Marketing Specialist:
Althea Wagoner

Cecil Castro _ Maintenance Assistant

Maintenance Assistant:
Cecil Castro

Anthony Martinez_ Maintenance Supervisor

Maintenance Supervisor: Anthony Martinez

Ricardo Acosta_ Maintenance Assistant

Maintenance Assistant: Ricardo Acosta

Home Administrators and Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professionals (QIDP)

Jessica Paz_ Administrator for VIP and Community Care

Administrator for VIP and Community Care Homes: Jessica Paz


QIDP/Administrator for Dudley and Del Park:
Jackie Currie


QIDP/Administrator for Conner and Roger:
Macarius Elad

Alex Martinez - QIDP Garrison and Wynn

QIDP/Administrator for Garrison and Wynn:
Alex Martinez


QIDP/Administrator for Evergreen and Villa Vadnais:
Teresa Galvan

Facility Managers


FM for Villa Vadnais:
Cecilia Barrios

Cynthia Huipe_ Receptionist and HR Assistant

FM for Wynn:
Cynthia Huipe

MaryEllen Angulo _ FM for C-Home

FM for C-Home:
MaryEllen Angulo

Eva Bedo

FM for Garrison:
Eva Bedo

Ryan 2

FM for Evergreen:
Ryan Gil

Terray Doty_ FM for Villa

FM for Aspen and
Cypress: Terray Doty


FM for Conner:
Karina Castro

Stella Zapata _ FM for Del Park

FM for Del Park:
Stella Zapata


FM for Roger:
Nimfa Sabarias


FM for Dudley:
Santiago Mendoza


Kathleene Lara - RN

RN for Del Park:
Kathleen Lara


RN for Conner and Dudley:
Gerry Pasion

Harry Augustin_ RN for Garrison Villa and Wynn

RN for Roger, Garrison, Villa Vadnais and Wynn:
Harry Agustin


RN for Evergreen:
Racquel Garcia


RN for Villa Vadnais:
Adriana Rodarte-Sanchez